Business Growth & Expansion is an EXCITING phase!

It often requires a variety of investments to be made into your business to keep up with growing demand…

– bigger premises
– new locations
– more stock
– more staff
– new technology
– more equipment

You might be thinking that you could just tap into your internal cash reserves to cover these expenses.

That’s a good idea …sometimes but not always.

The moment you lock up your cash in something tangible…
…like equipment, staff, inventory, property, etc.
…it is no longer liquid.

You no longer have EASY access to that cash.

You have to wait for more cash to flow in to cover your day-to-day operations.

But … there is an alternative…
…leverage OPM – other people’s money.

That’s where we come in.

Our lending networks consist of a wide range of alternative lending sources who provide access to fast capital so that you can quickly take advantage of growth opportunities that come your way.

Available Funding Products include:
> Business Term Loans from $10K – $10M
> Short Term Business Loans from $5K – $750K
> Revenue Lending from $10K – $20M
> Working Capital Loans from $10K – $750K
> Consolidation Loans from $25K – $750K
> Business Lines of Credit from $10K – $20M
> SBA Loans from $100K – $5M
> Purchase Order Financing from $10K – $20M
> Inventory Financing from $250K – $500K
> Book of Business Financing from $25K – $50M
> 401K or IRA Financing from $10K – $1M
> Securities-Based Financing from $50K and up
> Equipment Financing / Leasing from $10K – $20M
> Invoice Financing up to $10M per month
> Account Receivable Financing from $10K – $20M
> Commercial Real Estate Loans up to $150M
> Business Acquisition Financing up to $25M
> Unsecured Business Credit Cards from $10K – $150K

When it comes to business capital, we’ve got you covered from all angles.

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Looking forward to helping you make 2024 your best year yet!!!

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✔️ Business Must Be Based in USA
✔️ Must Be Registered and in Good Standing
✔️ Must Have Business Bank Account
✔️ 12+ Months Generating Revenue
✔️ $25,000+ Monthly Revenue

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