I absolutely love your restaurant and staff. When I bring people to Dynasty they are amazed at the amount of food and the price. Dynasty Family Restaurant is the kind of businesses we want to advertise for. I am with Crane Racing LLC, and we are an advertising company that uses a race team to advertise our partner’s products and services to 2 million people in southeastern Wisconsin. Kenosha and Racine Wisconsin are our biggest following areas.

I would love to set up a meeting to go over how much we do for our partners, if you are interested.
Here is a 2-minute video about us.

We do more than just show up and race. We advertise in all aspects of what we do like: Car Shows, Parades, Podcasts, Social Media posts, and more! We are constantly growing! In the video we made in September of 2023, we said 1 million people. Our 1st quarter numbers for 2024 was already over 1 million people (just with social media).

We would love to advertise for Dynasty Family Restaurant
Thank you for your time.
Hope to hear from you soon.
See you in Victory Lane
Derek Crane
Crane Racing LLC